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Maison & Objet: Excuse My French!

For each edition of MAISON & OBJET, NellyRodi analyzes the latest sociological trends and consumer habits in order to propose a theme in harmony with the times. The title chosen for January 2019 certainly has a humorous note, Excuse my French! (Excuse my French!) But this does not prevent us from seriously examining an undeniable phenomenon: the return of France to the forefront of the international scene.

"There is a new curiosity for the French abroad, a kind of fascination," says Vincent Grégoire. For him, this impulse can be attributed in part to globalization: "In a universe that is becoming standardized, where everything becomes the same, we focus on exceptions and differences." Where can we celebrate this renovation if it is not in MAISON & OBJET, the Parisian fair for decoration, design and the art of living par excellence? Foreign visitors will be able to meet the new designers and brands of France, while French professionals will have the opportunity to understand how to approach the "Made in France in 2020".

The Country of Enlightenment has long been established as an indisputable reference in the fields of art, fashion and design. For some, it simply represents the very essence of elegance. We have studied in the Palace of Versailles or in Catherine Deneuve , but leaving aside these topics, Vincent Grégoire enumerates several factors that explain this renaissance. In the first line, there is a profusion of brands that reinterpret traditional know-how to create innovative and exclusive products. A new wave of cosmopolitan creators adopts a multicultural approach, transforming French elegance by injecting inspirations from other places in a fusion spirit.

The importance of French Tech is also essential. Paris is home to the world's largest business incubator, Station F. Many French companies are leaders in the field of new technologies and are making revolutionary changes in our interiors.

As for the world of design, it is full of talents that denote a style that could be described as Classic with a twist, providing a certain eccentricity and extravagance, a note of typically French irreverence and audacity.

All these topics will meet in January at the Forum Tendances , a space of 250 m2 located in Hall 7, which will present a selection of products that embody the essence of the new French scene. Inspired by the Gallery of Mirrors in Versailles, the theatrical staging will also include some impertinent and surprising touches: a van in the center of the decoration, a hyper-contemporary luminary amidst ultra-classic chandeliers. "There will always be an intruder, a disturbing element, a spirit of contradiction," promises Vincent Gregoire. "Essential components of the famous" je ne sais quoi "."

Source: Maison & Objet Press

Publicado: 10 01 2019
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Maison & Objet: Excuse My French!
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